Borax – Not Just An Old-Fashioned Idea

By Real Home Advice Magazine June 24, 2019
Borax – Not Just An Old-Fashioned Idea

Have you looked down the aisle at the cleaning products of your favourite supermarket lately? It might be an interesting endeavour. One box that will stand out is the one with the historic old-fashioned image of a cleaning product that was used yesteryear. We are talking about borax. Today with all the cleaner-than-clean and rosier-than-rose cleaning products on the shelves – who would remember the usefulness and effectiveness of borax but your grandmother perhaps?

The good news is borax has made a comeback given the attention to natural cleaning products that are safer for your family and the environment. Borax does not contain chlorine or phosphates.

Borax is a versatile natural substance known as sodium borate, and with a little research online you will find its benefits and applications are almost endless for all rooms of your home. Whether you are looking to clean and freshen your laundry, find an effective cleaner for stained diapers that is safe for babywear; clean stubborn carpet stains or soiled pee-stained mattresses – borax will do the job. It makes an effective solution mixed with warm water to wipe down walls and floors. Showers, bathtubs, tiles and porcelain enamel surfaces are effectively cleaned and deodorized as well as toilet bowls.

In the kitchen borax can be used to clean your floors and countertops, and is a great non-abrasive degreaser for your pots and pans. Combined with lemon juice as a paste it will clean the stains in your sinks. No more clogged drains either. You can use borax to clean your fridge and other appliances. Let’s not forget the garbage bin sitting under your sink if you are looking for an effective cleaner and deodorizer.

Borax even extends its usefulness in keeping bugs, ants and even mice out of the house. Simply apply around the perimeter of your house along the walls where you know point of entry might be. Bed bugs be gone! Yes – even these bugs can be effectively dealt with in your mattresses.  A spray solution comes in handy for general cleaning, and can be combined with a teaspoon of dish cleaning soap. Both mildew stains on outdoor furniture, and rust can be cleaned with borax as well. Now these are a number of generally safe and cost-effective uses for this great natural cleaner – borax.

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