Moving Considerations & Professional Support

By Real Home Advice Magazine October 22, 2019
Moving Considerations & Professional Support

As a senior looking to downsize your home – what’s your lifestyle like? Are you in a position to choose what environment you wish to move to? Are you active and looking for engaging recreational facilities? Or do you have to move into an Assisted Living Seniors Home, where you are assured of the best quality care and attention.

There are many decisions to make with life-changing moves, and especially around family dynamics in any given situation. Along with having a family discussion, you may want to consult a REALTOR who is especially trained with an accredited Senior’s Real Estate Agent.

The designations of these Agents is to understand your life situation, and to best guide you – whether it’s legal, tax, provincial regulations, or finding the most appropriate home, they take the stress out of the move.

It’s reassuring to know that as a senior, all your concerns are handled from start to finish. With a plethora of moving providers, the Agent supports the senior with the best discounted options.

What do seniors need and require with downsizing? Agents support seniors to ask what family heirlooms are to keep, or to establish the value of antiques and collectibles. Clearing clutter is a big consideration in being guided to adjust sentimental attachments.

The best advice one can give a senior in a time of change is to source a REALTOR who has a Senior’s Designation. One who will take all the guesswork and stress out of that life transition and move.

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