Solar Powered Pumps for Your Fish Pond or Fountain

By Real Home Advice Magazine June 24, 2019
Solar Powered Pumps for Your Fish Pond or Fountain

Going solar does not have to be a major investment for use on your property. Consider your fishpond or fountain for example. Yes it is possible to run a solar powered pump for either your fishpond or fountain.

The criterion for the benefit of the solar powered pump is for enough natural sunlight to keep the pump powered up at least for the duration of daylight. If you have a pond with koi fish, which needs to be efficiently and constantly filtered to maintain the balance and health of the pond for example, you would need a battery to store excess energy for the pump to continue filtering at night as well. Otherwise if you are using the solar pump for a fountain or water feature, which can be switched off at night, then the solar pump is worth some consideration.

Solar powered water pumps still get plugged in at the wall socket. Solar pumps also produce electricity as they work to absorb the sun’s rays, and the conversion process in the panels creates the same energy. You need to determine if there is too much vegetation in the general area of your pond or water feature that will obstruct full exposure to the sunlight. Light cloud cover could still be sufficient to give you the energy you need. Heavier cloud cover could potentially reduce the amount of energy to run your pump.

When you have considered the requirements for your pond or water feature, then you can choose the product that is right for your situation. If you have a pond, determine the size and volume of pump and what affect you wish to have for fountain sprays. You could find solar water pumps that also come equipped with a battery for storage and backup. If you have a water fountain feature – take note of what is the height for the lift and what is the volume? Fountains will generally come with a regular pump included in the kit.

Read installation instructions very carefully when you place your solar pump in your pond or water feature. It needs to be fully submerged and free from any obstructions. Ensure the position of your solar water pump is maximizing its potential to receive good exposure to natural sunlight for maximum performance.

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