It’s a fast paced world we live in now and sometimes it can be
hard to unwind. Homeowners are feeling overly connected with all
the tech gadgets and mobile advancements, especially inside their
homes. From smartphones to smart fridges it can be hard to find the
often much needed separation from technology. We chatted with
DIY master and Cityline contributor Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault on
how you can create your own oasis in the place you need it most–
home! She’ll be at the Edmonton Home + Garden Show March 19-
22 at the Edmonton Expo Centre alongside a slew of other expert
talent ready to help homeowners make their dream a reality.

Perrault acknowledges how technology has simplified our lives
but she also stresses “it has also created an element of “noise”
that’s become almost impossible to turn off.” She knows that more
and more homeowners are looking to create feelings of calm,
relaxation and are being more mindful of creating a space that’s
able to disconnect when they want. An entrepreneur herself, she
also knows that many people are also working from home- adding
an extra layer to constantly being overly connected. “Personal
spaces are now shared with daily professional stresses and
the concept of a traditional 9-5 job is absurd to most who are
expected to be accessible 24/7,” says Perrault. “ So, as we begin to
crave more calm amongst the chaos and shift focus to our physical
and mental wellbeing, the trend of creating wellness spaces within
the home has begun to grow in popularity.”

For Leigh-Ann, designing a home that supports our overall
well being is essential to seeking balance. But she stresses
that wanting to add more mindfulness doesn’t mean to have to
completely overhaul every room and start from scratch. “The best
way to introduce wellness into your environment is to create a
personalized vibe that caters to your five senses,” notes Leigh-
Ann. “What colours make you feel relaxed? What sounds help you
unwind? What scents remind you of a happy place or time? Once
you tap into a sensory experience, you can think about how to
introduce each element into your most used (and most needed)

She suggests fresh houseplants to connect with nature
and purify indoor air, natural essential oil diffusers to incorporate
aromatherapy and even being aware of the colours we surround
ourselves in. “Depending on how you want to feel within a certain
room, you may want to reconsider the paint colour,” says Perrault.
“Hues on the cooler side of the colour wheel such as green and
blue tend to illicit a more calm vibe, while warmer hues such as
red and orange are more energizing.” Another way she suggests
to lighten the mood is with light therapy. “By introducing colour
changing light bulbs that are connected and controlled to your
phone or tablet, you can change the vibe and mood of a room with
one quick click.”

The DIY maven also encourages homeowners to look at the mess
head on if they’re feeling overwhelmed in their homes. “Clutter
in the home equals clutter in the brain,” says Leigh-Ann. “If you
spend a significant amount of time stressed out because you can’t
find something, or are overwhelmed because you’re drowning in
“stuff”, it’s time for a decluttering vacay- inside your home.” This
means clearing your calendar and finally tackling the physical and
often mental clutter inside your home and mind. She’s adamant
that homeowners will feel relief, calm and relaxed from simply
taking the time to tidy up. Her tips for a home clean-up? “If you
don’t need it, and you don’t love it, don’t keep it!”

Leigh-Ann will be sharing her tried-and-true tips for helping
homeowners create their own mindful space on the Home +
Garden Stage this year at the 2020 Edmonton Home + Garden
Show. Industry leaders, expert designers and professional chefs,
alongside over 400 exhibitors will be taking over the Edmonton
Expo Centre, March 19-22. Visit www.edmontonhomeandgarden.
com for the full list of expert guests and to buy tickets in advance.

DIY master and Cityline contributor Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

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