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Artful Shelving

Shelving is a great way to store your many books and knick knacks – but […]

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How to Use Masking/Frog Tape to Paint Different Colours

Wanting multi-coloured walls? Masking tapes work best with acrylic and latex paints. Choose the width […]


Kelowna Spring Home Show 2020

Now Booking For The Kelowna Spring Home Show 2020.

Real Estate

Open Houses, Showings and Your Pets

Open Houses, Showings and Your Pets

An important consideration when listing your home to sell and in talking about showings and […]


Hiring a Contractor?

Article written & provided by Kevin Morris, Principal CEO at KPCM Enterprises @ You’ve […]

Health & Environment

A New World of Sustainable Building Products

A New World of Sustainable Building Products

Green, Eco and Sustainability are the buzz words in today’s greening building industry. Products are […]



Prepare Our Homes for Cold!

As the weather gets cooler, we can’t help but look to the upcoming season of […]

Senior’s Advice

The Year Ahead For Planning And Action Taking Questions

Moving Considerations & Professional Support

As a senior looking to downsize your home – what’s your lifestyle like? Are you […]


Planning for the Future

Women in Trades and Apprenticeship

Training in the skilled arena of work is only part of the process for women […]

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