Women in Trades and Apprenticeship

Women in Trades and Apprenticeship

Women in Trades and Apprenticeship

Training in the skilled arena of work is only part of the process for women entering the trades. In addition, aspiring workers are required to enter apprenticeship programs to complete training, and gain valuable experience under the guidance of certified operators and mentors.

Once in apprenticeship programs – trades people will find they spend more time as apprentices than as students in their training. Apprentices need to be registered, and can apply for financial support while in training.

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is a wonderful resource and network for women around the country in recruiting, promoting, supporting and mentoring women in the skilled work trades.

There are currently many initiatives and conferences focusing on current programs, and also regarding apprenticeship of women in the trades – being appropriately ready, and with safety certification.

The focus of many of these trainings and conferences are important for women progressing in the skilled workforce. As this sector continues to grow, there are a plethora of criteria that need to be addressed, and strategies set in place for women in the trades.

It’s assuring for women to know that organizations such as the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum along with many others, are ensuring the transition of women into their chosen profession is a smooth one. Women are entitled to feel welcomed and inclusive in what has up to now been traditionally male dominated trades.

Much input is going into the research and development of apprenticeship for women in the trades – revealing great innovations for this sector.

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