Murphy beds

Murphy beds


…And it was probably love that kept it around for over 100 years…love and excellent engineering.  And it’s very likely love that is bringing it back into popularity.  In fact, everyone that’s ever seen one has a love affair going.   Not only are they the coolest bed around but they also have a great history that makes them even more desirable.

It all started in the early 1900s when the young William Murphy fell in love with a classy opera singer. He lived in a small one-room apartment in San Francisco.  Not only did his bed fill up most of the room but the custom at the time didn’t allow for a man to entertain a lady in his bedroom.  Murphy had a problem.  But not for long!  Love is the mother of invention… oh maybe it’s necessary…but in this case, it was both!  In a short time, he had found a way to hide his bed away in the closet and his little room became a fancy parlour for entertaining his future bride and all her high-roller friends.  Soon Murphy married his opera sweetheart and lived happily ever after.

And he never stopped making Murphy beds. 

 Today the Murphy Bed Company is one of the oldest furniture companies in America.  And with over 100 years of improving and perfecting the design, it’s plain to see why it’s still around.  Others have copied and even stolen the name but no-one can imitate the quality. The real Murphy hardware is manufactured in Germany, not China. It is ISO 9002 approved, has a lifetime warranty and can hold up to 2000 lbs.  Now that’s quality you can trust!  Many of the imitators have gone out of business due to problems with the hardware. 

Once considered a status symbol it is again gaining popularity.  With a finger touch your guest room magically transforms into an office or craft room and then back again.  Instead of spending $40,000 or more to get that extra room, with a Murphy bed, it costs a fraction of that.

Well, good news!!  You can get a real Murphy bed!  Right here in Edmonton.  Come into Urban Wallbeds and find out why this is a love story that will probably never end.

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