The Workforce

The Workforce

 It’s no surprise to see women in the workforce – the skilled trade work force. You will find women excelling in positions previously and typically held by men.

According to the trade’s colleges – there are four main categories of skilled trade workers that come under the umbrellas of construction, industrial, motive power and service. Women are held to the same exacting standards as men – even for physically demanding jobs.

Due to the shortage of skilled trade workers – the demand for that diversity of workers has created the opening and potential for women to explore their expertise in many different fields.  Trade categories range from Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Transportation and Logistics, Construction, Plumbing, Welding, Engineering and Technology, Health, Security, Energy and Natural Resources to Professions and Trade. The opportunities are vast.

Women are looking for that challenge, and are not afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in their fields of choice.

In Alberta – Women Building Futures and Women in The Trades Programs support women to find new opportunities in life when they are looking for change. Women are exposed to a variety of trades to give them the chance to decide which feels like the right choice for them personally. They are trained and given the tools and skill sets to go out into their field of choice with confidence.

A happy workforce is a stable workforce, and having women find work in the skilled trades enhances the competency and level of expertise, diversity and overall commitment to the Canadian workforce.

Women in the workforce

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