5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security Today

5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Security Today

Your home is your haven. It’s a safe space to come home after a long day and feel safe and secure. That’s why it’s so important to keep your property secure by taking some simple safety precautions and regularly keeping an eye out for potential security threats in the home. 

Here are five easy ways to improve your home’s security today.

#1: Test Alarm Systems on a regular basis

One of the best ways to keep your home secure is by installing an alarm system. An alarm system will alert you to any suspicious activity on your property, such as intruders. Most systems nowadays are customizable so you can choose which alarm settings are necessary and which aren’t. Alarm systems not only alert you to potentially suspicious activity but also deter robbers from entering the property. If you don’t have an alarm system, this is a quick way to improve your home’s security. Find a trusted company with real-world knowledge that can offer you a tailored solution, such as Ninja Security.

Check your alarm systems regularly to ensure they are working and protect your property from unwanted visitors.

#2: Reinforce your doors

Prevent intruders from kicking in your door by reinforcing your doors. There are several ways you can secure doors again blunt force. Firstly, install a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock goes further into the door frame making it harder for burglars to pick the lock. 

Did you know that burglars can actually take your doors off the hinges to enter your property? One way to prevent this is to reinforce the door hinges by adding safety stubs. These studs stop burglars from knocking the door off the hinges or unscrewing it. It’s also wise to protect your door frame from the blunt force by installing a metal frame. Installing door barricades and other security devices on your door will further protect it against intruders. There are plenty of quick fixes you can do at home to reinforce your doors and make them as impenetrable as possible. 

#3 Defend your property from porch pirates

Porch piracy has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to a rise in online shopping. So much so that billions of packages are estimated to have been stolen from porches in the last year. But how can you keep people from stealing your packages when you’re not home? An increasing number of people are investing in porch lock boxes and mailbox sensors to deter porch pirates and keep their packages safe. 

Delivery people can safely pop your packages in the lockbox to keep them secure until you return. Just remember to change the security pin regularly. Mailbox sensors will alert you to any suspicious activity near your mailbox.

#4 Keep security lights switched on at night

The most common time for burglars to try to enter your home is when it’s dark. Security lights tell potential burglars that you’re home. Switching the security lights on at night when you’re home and when you’re out will not only deter intruders, but it may throw them off too. Many intruders will watch your property for some time before robbing it to get an idea of your schedule and when you are least likely to be home. Setting the lights to come on at the same time each night (whether you’re home or not) will make it seem like there is always someone home, deterring burglars. 

#5 Don’t forget to lock the garage

Familiarize yourself with all the potential points of entry on your property and ensure that they are all secure. This includes your garage, especially if it provides a point of entry to your home. Always lock your garage before going out, make sure the door and windows are secure, and keep the garage door opener inside your home rather than your car where it can be easily stolen. If you have a door connecting your garage to the remainder of your house, keep it locked and make sure it is well reinforced. 

Final Thoughts

Property crimes are on the rise. But there’s no need to panic. A reliable alarm system, regular security checks, and some good quality doors and windows will go a long way to burglar-proof your property. Follow these five simple hacks to ensure your home is secure today.


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