Block mounting

Block mounting

If you are thinking about what artwork to put up in your son or daughter’s bedroom, children’s playroom, kitchen or another high activity area for that matter.

Block mounting your favourite images could be a wonderful, practical and cost-effective alternative to framing, which could be expensive.

Block mounts are posters that have been mounted onto a 7.5mm or 3/8” thick sheet of MDF, or high-density wood fibreboard, for a solid and clean image. This low-cost alternative to framing suits contemporary art, and is especially suitable for movie or sports posters.

The surface of the block mount can be treated with either a gloss or satin finish, which highlights the depth and contrast of the colour.

If your area or room is subject to very bright lighting though, it is suggested you ask for a matt finish, which diffuses the light to minimize reflection.

The process your poster goes through is fairly simple. It is placed on dry adhesive tissue with a laminate film and then mounted onto the MDF board in a vacuum heat press.

The edges are typically bevelled to give a neat appearance and painted black or any colour you desire for a good professional finish.

Block mounts have a routed keyhole slot by which you can hang your picture, or if the image is small enough – a hole is drilled in the centre towards the bottom of the image, and a dowel can be used to stand the picture up. Some framers advertise that they can block mount different thicknesses of paper, cloth or even puzzles.

The benefits of block mounting your prints are that they are protected from UV rays and water exposure. Prints will last a very long time provided they are cared for. Besides general handling, care for your block mount or laminate includes minimizing exposure to sunlight, moisture or humidity.

Block mounts are also much lighter and inexpensive compared to contemporary frames. They are permanent and durable with a clean finish and edges. The frameless appearance is scratch-resistant and safe to hang in homes with children, as there is no glass to break.

So whether you have a favourite poster, a keepsake invitation, diploma or certificate, children’s drawings, comics, photographs, newspapers, postcards or magazine clippings, block mounting is a convenient and practical way to display your art in a colourful, easy to care for medium.


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