How Acupuncture Can Help Heal Scars

How Acupuncture Can Help Heal Scars

Scars can be a difficult thing to live with, especially if they’re not healed properly. Luckily, there are options available to help with healing scars, and two different ways of treating them with acupuncture. Three months after you get a scar it should be flat, silver, non-painful, non-sensitive, and if it isn’t, give the clinic a call so we can help your scar heal.

Cesarean section or C-section scars are the most commonly treated scars but not the only scars that can be treated by acupuncture.

There are two ways acupuncture is used for scar healing: direct treatment and indirect treatment.

  • Direct acupuncture for scar healing can start as soon as the scar is fully closed, and it has lost its scab. Direct acupuncture is where acupuncture is used on and around the scar tissues.
  • Indirect acupuncture is where acupuncture is not used on the scar, instead, other acupuncture points are used to promote general healing. This is especially helpful for healing scars in sensitive places. Indirect acupuncture for scar healing can start at any time.

Surgical scars, cesarean section, self-harm scars, abrasions, and scars due to injuries can all benefit from acupuncture. I have worked on scars from c-section births, knee surgery, abrasions, facial injuries, and abdominal surgeries. Transgender surgery healing, regardless of the location of the surgery, can be supported with acupuncture.

Depending on how deep the scar is and how it has healed, it can take two to eight acupuncture and laser acupuncture treatments to eliminate pain, redness, any pulling sensation, numbness or burning pain, and to flatten the scar.

By Melanie Morrill • March 21, 2023

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