Restoration Window & Door

Restoration Window & Door

Restoration Window & Door offers custom-crafted windows and doors made through a professional
engineering process. As one of the leading window brands in North America, the company pays
close attention to detail combined with exceptional customer service.
No job is too big or small for Restoration Window & Door. From a torn screen or broken window lock
to full window and door replacement they handle them all. With window and door designs from the
traditional to ultra slim frame modern that can be custom coloured, they have the windows and
doors to suit any home.
Through ongoing investments in technology, research and development, Restoration Window &
Door remains on the cutting edge of windows that can withstand the extremes of our prairie
Some popular options include tilt and turn windows, which tilt inward from the top to allow for
draft-free ventilation – even when it’s raining. By simply turning the handle, the can also open
inward like a door for easy cleaning and maximum ventilation.
The casement-style is the company’s best performing window in harsh weather such as snow,
wind, and rain. This type fo window opens outward up to 100 degrees and is hinged on one side.
Picture and fixed windows don’t open but they provide an unobstructed outdoor view. They’re often
used in combination with operating casement or awning windows.
Awning and hopper windows are a great option for air circulation and easy use. They’re hinged at
the top and swing out or in, respectively, from the bottom.
Homeowners can reduce their energy costs with Restoration Window & Door’s improved version of
the classic single-hung window design. Another option is the double-hung window. These styles
are ideal for rooms that face decks, porches or walkways since the sashes slide up and down tather
than opening outwards.
Bay and bow windows can be customized for any angle, and they’re available with an optional head
and seat to create a scenic spot to lounge. They allow plenty of natural light to fill the room, which
can make small rooms feel more spacious. When it comes to doors, homewoners can choose their
favourite style for the door slab and glass. An array of finishes is available, and custom colours are
also available by request for all doors (and windows) – including fibreglass, steel and patio.
For more information about Restoration Window & Door, or to request a free in-home estimate, call
204-291-6221, email, or visit the website at


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