Emotional Release or Crying During Acupuncture

Emotional Release or Crying During Acupuncture

Yes it happens, yes it is normal, yes it is healing.

Many people experience an emotional release during or after acupuncture. 

This can look like 

  • crying during acupuncture 
  • crying after acupuncture
  • tearing up during or after your treatment
  • having strong emotional reactions after acupuncture. 

All these reactions are normal. They can be very uncomfortable, but they are normal and they will pass. 

Acupuncture treatments can be profoundly relaxing for the body, the mind, and the soul. During an acupuncture treatment, people often feel physical relaxation as their shoulders unclench, their muscles relax, and the tension in their tummy fades away. That relaxation and unclenching can extend to our emotions as well.

This can be felt as an emotional release. This may include crying, feeling suppressed emotions, or it can feel like a weight being lifted away. In the moment, it may feel overwhelming or it may feel soothing.

Crying or tearing up is the most common and it can happen during or after acupuncture treatment. It is more common when a person is working through an emotional upheaval or a stressful life event.

After an emotional release, most people feel better. Crying and feeling your feelings helps with emotional regulation and processing. There is no need to hold your emotions back during an acupuncture treatment, let your emotions flow.

Each treatment room has a box of tissues because tears happen. Accessible Acupuncture is a non-judgemental place for you to heal and feel your feelings.

When you are ready to try acupuncture you can click the book appointment button in the top right corner of your screen or call the clinic at 587-879-7122.

Here is a wonderful review from a patient who had an emotional release after her acupuncture treatment at accessible acupuncture. 

“I have known Melanie for a few years now! She’s always wonderful to see! I just started seeing Melanie for anxiety just over a month ago and the difference her treatments have made on my physical symptoms of anxiety have been magical really! I am feeling like my body is floating at the joints instead of the constant dull aches that I had just got used to. I don’t think I realized how much tension was in every inch of my body until I started recognizing the breaks from the anxiety and the brief moments of peace in my nerves.. almost hard to describe in words! She’s brought me to tears after each treatment and the release is like the best cry of your life but you feel refreshed and more free afterwards! Incredible experience seeing Melanie! She is SO intelligent and knows her stuff! 100% have her business card up in my op at work for my patients to see! Thank you Melanie!”

By Melanie Morrill  Accessible Acupuncture. 


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