Develop your interior design business on Pinterest with these 4 simple tips

Develop your interior design business on Pinterest with these 4 simple tips

If you’re an interior designer, you already know how important it is to maintain a good, consistent brand look. Your clients will judge you based on how you present both yourself and the places you design. And when it comes to home decor and design, clients always have the highest standards and want to see the best options available.

So how do you ensure that your work and talent are visible to your audience in the best way possible? Through Pinterest, of course. Pinterest is not only a fabulous platform to help you narrow your target audience and convert views into potential sales, but it also provides you with a great space to showcase your designs and create the aesthetic you want. Whether you’re just starting out or simply looking to increase your target audience, Pinterest is the place for you.

Here’s how you can promote your interior design business on Pinterest in the best way possible.

1.  Choose the right handle

Just like your brand name, your social media handle serves as the main aspect of your online identity. So be careful about what name you choose for your Pinterest account. Keep in mind that your name should be catchy enough to be both identifiable and recognizable by your target audience, while also being in line with SEO regulations.

It is important to remember that Pinterest serves as a search engine, and like any other search engine, the basics of SEO apply to it. Which is why your name should include an important keyword that associates well with your service, so that it pops up easily when people try to look up your business.

2.  Be consistent with your pinning

The key to keeping people engaged on social media is consistency. This applies to Pinterest as well. Be consistent with your pinning and set up a schedule that allows you to pin content regularly. You can also use posting tools to help you stick to your pinning schedule and keep your account alive all the time.

3.  Post eye-catching content

The most important part of maintaining a good aesthetic is to make sure that the content you post is original and attention-grabbing. As an interior designer, your account should be full of scroll-stopping images of your decor and designs, as well as various posters advertising your services for your customers.

You can create some fabulous Pinterest posters and professional service flyers to post on Pinterest using online design tools like PosterMyWall, and use them to draw customers in. An ideal flyer should contain:

  1. Your brand logo right at the top.
  2. Some curated images of your best design work.
  3. Your contact information.

Fill your Pinterest with exciting and vibrant flyers along with pictures of your projects to get people to check out your work.

4.  Allow people to save your pins

If people like what they see on your Pinterest account, they may want to save it or pin it on their board for later reference. You can enable the “pin-it” option on your website to allow users to easily be able to save your pins whenever they want. This will encourage people to keep coming back to your content even if they’re not directly visiting your site or page, and will likely get your content more views as well.

Final thoughts

As an interior designer, it’s incredibly important for you to maintain a decent visual presence for your customers, both online and offline. Use these tips to develop a fantastic online space for your work on Pinterest to inspire users and draw in potential clients.


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