Know Your Home

Know Your Home

Know Your Home

We always enjoy chatting with home owners and walking away with a sense that we have given them some peace of mind about the often complex topic of home inspections. Associated Home & Building Inspections invites you to their Home Inspection Information Sessions in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

No matter how long you’ve owned your home, there are always surprises lurking when it comes to maintenance and replacements of major components. Have you ever wished you had a magic calendar to tell you when you should check these components? Like when to check the eaves troughs to prevent a waterfall from eroding the earth at your foundation? Have you ever wondered, “Is there mysterious water entering my finished basement?” “Why is there a musty smell in the basement and why is it stronger at different times of the year?” “When should I budget for new shingles and what are the tell-tale warning signs?” “Can I inspect my own attic?” “What causes attic rain and does it occur in my attic?” These are just a few important questions that homeowners constantly ask themselves…and we have the answers.

These sessions will be held in the Spring and Fall of 2016. They will be delivered by experienced licensed and retired home inspectors. We will be packing a lot of valuable information into 3 hours, including an engaging Q & A session, so have your questions ready!

Pre-Register now – pay later! Maintenance handouts are included in the registration fee.

Watch your community events at Exact locations, dates, and fee (per household) will be announced in January 2016. Pre-registrants will be notified by email prior to the Early Bird deadline, so watch your inbox!

To Pre-Register, visit to send us your contact information.

We look forward to meeting you!

By Gaylene Patko, CMI, CCT and Associates.

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