List Your Property

List Your Property

List Your Property

Really? Is this an important question when it comes to listing your home?

Yes. There seems to be a correlation between the most pertinent day to list your property, and the best time to catch the attention of interested buyers. Think about it  – there is some logical sense to listing on a specific day.

Mondays and Tuesdays are typically back to work days. You are probably not going to attract a buying crowd with people fretting about getting into their work week routine after the weekend. Wednesdays and Thursdays are somehow designated for putting special attention on the midweek projects, and for families with busy sports routines and other general activities.

Weekends are a no-no!

Prospective purchasers want to know a day or two in advance what their weekend looks like, and what time they can devote to home viewing over the coming few days.

That leaves Friday.

Yes – perhaps Friday is the best day for your REALTOR® to list your home on the MLS site. You’ve had a good start to the week to prepare your home, photographs are ready, and all supportive documents uploaded late on Thursday evening. When buyers go online first thing Friday morning – your new listing will be tops and sure to capture their attention.

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