Open Houses, Showings and Your Pets

By Real Home Advice Magazine July 8, 2019
Open Houses, Showings and Your Pets

An important consideration when listing your home to sell and in talking about showings and open houses is what to do with your pets. REALTORS® will typically recommend that pets are not in the house for showings or open houses. This is understandable. Potential buyers may be afraid of dogs or cats; they may have allergies, or seeing or hearing pets might distract them on their visit through your home. Pets are part of the household in many family homes; however, if you want to attract that one serious buyer, you may want to clean up as much as possible so there is no hint of your beloved pets in the home. Considering what to do with your pets for showings and open houses is a must-do if you want to attract the right buyer for the right reason at the right time.

Prior to listing your home:

  • You may want to get your carpets cleaned by a professional company.
  • If your carpets are well worn and have an odour, you may want to replace them.
  • If your pets are accustomed to sleeping on couches then have the couches cleaned and deodorized.
  • Have your annual duct-cleaning service come in ahead of time to ensure complete removal of pet dander.
  • Check your doors both inside and out, doorframes and moldings for scratch marks and have these sanded and repainted.
  • Have your floors been badly scratched? What would they need to be looking their best or close to their best?
  • Keep your floors well vacuumed for pet hair and dander that can easily accumulate in the corners of rooms.
  • Inspect your walls and decide if they need a good washing down or a fresh coat of paint?

It might be more beneficial to arrange a “day-visit home” for your pet/s while you have showings or open houses. Your pets will not become distraught with the strangers to your home, and you will have greater peace of mind too. Whatever pets you have whether dogs, cats, gerbils or pet mice, or reptiles for that matter; it would be prudent for you to arrange for their safety as well as the convenience of REALTORS® who show your home, and prospective purchasers. Making a good impression of your home and showing it off to its best and highest potential includes the comfort and safety of your pets.

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