Preparing to Sell in the Spring

Preparing to Sell in the Spring

Preparing to Sell in the Spring

If you are considering selling your home this spring, you may want to create a plan for your action steps. Spring is an advantageous time to put your home up for sale, however a number of factors are at play in the housing market.

With a little research you can find out whether you are currently in a buyer or a seller’s market.

Either one will have a direct bearing upon the considered market value of your home against other comparables in your neighbourhood. A seller’s market might create a lot of competition and drive prices up with bidding wars, but keep in mind that potential buyers might shy away from taking further interest in an over-priced property.

Another question to ask is whether your location has any impact on the price you set. Then of course, the condition of your home is a major consideration when it comes to showing your house and property.

A list you might start to make to give yourself enough preparation time will include considering the REALTOR® you wish to work with. Have a meeting with your final choice and establish a price for your home given the considerations above.

Armed with this knowledge, you may want to look into what it will take to give your house a fresh and budgeted makeover:

The cost of painting for example, landscaping or cleaning up your yard; having your carpets cleaned, and decluttering or storing furniture and personal belongings. Review whatever it takes to give your home that desired buyer’s appeal. Buyers will decide within the first few moments of visiting your property whether your house is the one they have been looking for.

If you know there are plumbing, electrical or roof issues for example, cost out the possibility of having these fixed.

In the long run, the cost to you might not be as great as having a buyer drop the price of their offer based upon what an inspection brings to light.

Review all the relevant information with your REALTOR®. Once you have decided upon your action steps prior to putting your home on the market, give yourself enough time to work through the various projects. In the long run, you will be more relaxed and confident. Not only will your home shine amongst the others in your neighbourhood; your careful and prudent budgeting will ensure there are no surprises. You can fully expect to reach your target price in the right time, for the right reason, with the right buyers.

Preparing to Sell in the Spring

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