Why Hiring a Newer Real Estate Agent is a Brilliant Idea!

So why would you even think to trust a newer or young agent who’s just  been a Real Estate agent for under a few years ? It’s a pretty logical question you’d ask yourself?

Here’s why:

One of the most significant advantages you’ll get as a client by hiring a newer or young agent is motivation, determination, and the will to get the sale done, whatever it may be. New agents are hungry to prove to the world their talents, capabilities, strengths, and by giving them the opportunity, you’ll be much rewarded.

Here’s how:

You want your agent to be 100% devoted to you, right? A newer agent will have fewer clients in the beginning of their career, making you their priority and allowing you to receive all of their attention with fewer distractions. They will take pride in not wasting your time, and they will reply to your messages, questions, concerns, and inquiries as a top priority. They feel comfortable communicating the truth to you, as honesty goes a long way. Most importantly they take pride in earning your trust.

While newer agents are always learning new things, they have spent months studying, shadowing, and partnering in every possible opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in Real Estate. Throughout those opportunities, they have built strong connections with some of the top real-estate agents who they can turn to for guidance as needed. So you will have double the resources.

Here is what they offer:

They understand the diverse technology it takes to serve a client. It seems that there are new Apps out every day. Your listings or the listings you are looking at will be advertised through all sorts of social media platforms. So doesn’t it make sense that you deal with a newer or young agent that knows how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more… This is a chance to have your property viewed by thousands of extra people or how to find you that new home. And there is so much more that they offer to clients. And of course they love to show off for themselves on their social media.

So doesn’t this make sense? …How about you? Are you ready to hire a newer or young realtor?

Tim Grover


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