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Reasons You Should Fix A Leak In Your Roof Immediately

Maintaining your home is a mammoth task that requires your attention and time. We tend to overlook certain things, such as a dent in the closet or a leaking tap. But, when it comes to a leak in the roof, it is hard to ignore as it causes great inconvenience. At Silverline Roofing, we are residential roofers and we provide expert roofing services in Edmonton. Our services include residential roofing, skylight installation, reroofing, roof inspections and roof repair.

Four Reasons Why You Need Roof Repair

Here’s why you need to fix your roof:

1.      Ignored repairs tend to be expensive

If your roofing structure is getting weaker by the day due to water exposure and you are avoiding roof inspection and repair, the damage will get worse and you will have to invest a lot in the future in roof repair. It’s advisable that you get it done in due time to avoid future expenses.

2.      Increase in power consumption

A leaky roof has the potential to destroy the insulation in your attic. Wet insulation materials take a long time to dry out, which in turn reduces the resistance to temperature change. This will lead to heat loss, and you will see the effect in your electricity bills.

3.      Corrosion of materials

Roof leakage causes damage to wall frames and ceiling joints. Exposure to moisture breaks wood down and it begins to rot. With time, this might even cause the frame of the roof to weaken so much that it collapses. Water flows downwards; hence, this not only affects the roof but also the foundation of the house.

4.      Mould  formation

As wet wood rots, there is fungal growth on them that cannot be avoided for long. Mould is a fungus that can speed up the wood rotting process and also cause health issues. When mixed with other substances in the air, mould can form harmful toxins. To avoid respiratory problems and prevent your roof from falling, repairing it on time is the best alternative.

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