Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake

One of the youngest communities in Canada, and regarded as one of the fastest growing, Sylvan Lake is a town attracting a growing community on the proven fact that it is “a move worth making!”

Situated in Central Alberta, Sylvan Lake lies just west and easily accessible to Red Deer, Alberta’s third largest cityvia the east-west travelling David Thompson Hwy 11. The Queen Elizabeth II Hwy 2 connects Sylvan Lake to the north-south running Edmonton-Calgary corridor. These highways make Sylvan Lake strategically located as far as market access is concerned, and connecting the economic trade area.

Sylvan Lake’s history includes the first settlement of foreigners including, in the very early days, the French-speaking immigrants from Quebec, and Americans; particularly the Loiselle family who settled there in 1898. The twentieth century brought Finnish and Estonian immigrants who settled in the south and west of the present town. Business and services began to flourish, and 1912 saw the completion of the Canadian Northern Line, and in 1914 the Canadian Pacific was opened. 1913 is the year Sylvan Lake was incorporated, and is celebrated in June as the “1913 Days” Festival.

The region grew as a farming community and prospered with its grain. Sylvan Lake grew as a summer resort. Given the convenient location between Edmonton and Calgary, Sylvan Lake soon experienced an influx of visitors especially in the 30’s and 40’s to the beautiful lake and waterfront area. This tourist trade expanded the business sector and over the years, events like regattas and dragon races became popular. The original water slide was replaced by the Wild Rapids Waterslide, which has since been replaced by the Sylvan Lake Aqua Splash – an inflatable obstacle course on the water.  Today the town receives over 761 thousand visitors through the summer; enjoying such activities and amenities as the marina, swimming, golfing, hockey, kite skiing, fishing, BMX/Skate park, restaurants and other popular attractions.

The key industries of Sylvan Lake are mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance, construction, professional, scientific and technical services. The oil and gas service industries thrive throughcontract drilling, equipment manufacturing and metal fabrication. Sylvan Lake also proposes“extensive future supply of light and medium industrial lands” to attract a continuously growing residency who will bring smaller to larger retail opportunities.

The community’s population is currently approximately 14,816 in 2016 residents,with the greatest number of residents aged between 25 to 29, and 30 – 34. The growth in numbers of young children between 0 – 4 and 5 to 9 years old indicates a significant commitment to the community and lifestyle.

Sylvan Lake has published up-to-date economic profiles, in which “Why Invest in Alberta and the Broader Region” and “Why Invest in Sylvan Lake” – discusses why life in Sylvan Lake would appeal to a broad range of professionals specializing in health, safety, technical and energy, as well as science.

Social events for the month of July and August include Sylvan Lake Customs & Classics Show & Shine, weekly outdoor movies including “Jaws at the Lake” – outdoor movie on the water, Canada Day celebrations, weekly outdoor markets, an Annual Golf for Urgent Care,  among others. The community is also expanding their festivals and events to fall and winter months, which include CulinArt, WinterFest, Flannel & Feast Fest, and “the Meltdown” – festival of colour.

The community of Sylvan Lake continues to thrive and develop economically, socially, and in all the ways as only a committed community can. The focus on the resident’s wellbeing is obvious as this diverse and hard-working community works together to create an environment for all to prosper.

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