Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Dengue Fever:

There is no vaccine to prevent it, travelers need to prevent mosquito bites using repellent with DEET, light-coloured loose fitting clothing and when indoors, screen windows, use air conditioning and insecticides. Mosquitoes infected with the dengue virus are hard to avoid, they live in both rural and urban areas, bite during the daytime and some have a preference to live indoors in close contact with humans.

Food and Water while travelling:

Try to wash your hands regularly with soap and water and use hand sanitizer. Eat foods recently cooked and still hot, and fruits or vegetables that can be peeled. Do not drink tap water or ice cubes made from it. Instead, drink bottled, boiled or chemically treated water

Jet Lag:

Travelers experience jet-lag when crossing multiple time zones and their body’s internal clock is thrown out of its rhythm. On these flights, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, caffeine and large fatty meals. Once you arrive at your destination, expose yourself to as much natural light as available.

Personal Safety:

Before you go, read travel destinations books, whenever possible, travel in the daylight, hire a local driver, have a mobile phone, and check that you have valid license and insurance coverage if you plan to drive. road accidents, are the leading cause of injury and death among travelers.


Flights longer than 4-6 hours have shown to increase risk. To reduce this, travelers can wear comfortable clothing and walk and stretch as much as possible. When seated, exercise the ankle and knee joints, avoid sitting cross-legged and drink plenty of water

Visiting Friends and/or Relatives (VFRs):

travel to the place they were born and may have lived there for many years, it is common they are not concerned with their health and overlook potential risks. Many VFRs do not realize that it takes as little as 6 months of living in Canada for their body to adjust and lose protection against illnesses in their home country

Cruise ships:

They cater to many passengers in a relatively confined space. This close contact allows for spread of influenza, norovirus that causes stomach illness, and vaccine preventable diseases like measles and chickenpox.

Sun and Heat:

Be sure to pack a hat and sunglasses. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater, an adult should use about 2 tablespoons per application. Reapply it after you swim or perspire. If you are on medication, check to see if it causes sun-sensitivity. Also monitor your alcohol intake and stay well hydrated with water. Cases of mild sunburn can be relieved with cool compresses or a cool bath.

Travel Tips



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