2016 and Your Real Estate

2016 and Your Real Estate

2016 and Your Real Estate

Chances are you may be thinking about a major move in the upcoming New Year.

With all the holiday preparations, that consideration might be on hold and furthest from your mind. These days however, time seems to slip away with more speed and gusto. And before you know it, whatever real estate changes you wish to make have crept up fast, leaving you with little time to take fully considered proactive action steps, from a plan that has explored all your options.

In the in-between moments of cleaning, gift buying, food preparation, accommodation planning and receiving family, you can still take a few moments to sit down with the family to talk about your plans for 2016. Perhaps you are looking to upsize, downsize, renovate, or purchase an income property. What will that look like for you and your family? Are you looking to refinance or renegotiate your mortgage? Have you looked at the property market and forecasts for the next few months and into 2016? When was the last time you checked in with your REALTOR®? Would now be a good time to meet with both your Mortgage Broker and REALTOR®?

Time to go shopping for a new calendar and day planner.

Be ahead of your own game. Have a look at your calendar for 2016, and make a rough plan for when you estimate your needs and wants around real estate can reasonably be fulfilled, given all the requirements of your family.

Even if the timing seems far away, putting your plans and expectations down on paper – your day timer and calendar, gives you an overall sense of direction, and an idea of the steps you need to take in good and unhurried time. And then in the meantime, you can enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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