Where is the Winter Power Being Used Up?

Where is the Winter Power Being Used Up?

Where is the Winter Power Being Used Up?

We are all fully aware of our electricity bills skyrocketing in the winter months.

No wonder. Under normal situations our houses have become veritable buzzing boxes for electrical output. That factor seems to double itself in winter.

No matter what the appliance – they all seem to be continually plugged in. You name it: all the major kitchen appliances and accessories, hairdryers and shavers, electric toothbrushes, waterpik water flossers, television, stereo, game consoles, computers, printers, scanners, modems, iPads, iPhones, iPods, vacuum cleaners, exhaust fans, lights, lamps, air purifiers – the list is endless. And in winter of course – heating devices, electric fireplaces and the central heating system.

It is important to try to save as much energy as possible around the house.

  1. Firstly, while it is good to have extra light around the house especially in the wintertime, lights in bedrooms or rooms that are not in use can be turned off when you leave the room. It is good to train children and get them into the habit of doing the same thing.
  2. Secondly: check what appliances are not in use. All appliances that are plugged in, even though they are not in operation are still drawing what is known as phantom power. Even devices such as printers, modems and televisions that are not in use and go into standby mode, are still drawing power. The best way to lower your energy consumption also requires that you plug these appliances or electronic devices into a power bar and switch the power bar off. If they are single appliances, pull the plug from the wall until such time as you are using the appliance again.
  3. Thirdly: when it comes to washing laundry or dishes – make sure you have a full load of colours or separated whites, so you are operating your washer and dryer less frequently. The same would apply to your dishwasher. Ensure you maximize on the capacity to fill the machine and do wash cycles when the machine is full.

Just a few strategies go a long way to ensuring you are saving some money on your electricity bill in the winter months. With houses closed up for the winter, and fireplaces and the heating system going most of the time, it is important you are prudently working to save energy with various appliances in other areas of your home.

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