Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers

Watch any of the home renovation series on television and you notice that more and more kitchens are being outfitted with the small, unobtrusive and useful addition of a wine cooler.

Depending on the space in your kitchen and what your renovation plans will include, you could either choose a cooler that fits comfortably under the countertop as a built-in, a countertop unit, or a stand-alone upright cabinet.

Wine coolers and cabinets range in price and size; from just over $150 to $2,000 for 18 to anywhere up to 50 bottles- whatever your pocket and preference. The midrange coolers are 4.0 cu.ft.and space enough for 38 bottles, and larger units come as 5.3 cu.ft. for 50 bottles.Built-in units typically have a depth of 61cm or 24” and will fit in the space of the standard kitchen cabinet for a streamlined built-in look. Larger freestanding upright cabinets come with either a single or double door.

Countertop Wine coolers have space enough for 17 bottles and additional storage for accessories.

Dual cooler zone fridges have separate cooling chambers, which can be set at different temperatures, allowing you to store a variety ofred and white wines comfortably at their own optimal temperatures. Some coolers feature removable stainless steel wine racks so you can customize your cellar, and also equipped with soft built-in lighting.

If you have room in your basement or a particular space to house a greater collection  – then you might consider the modular wine cellars,which are less expensive than the custom built wine cellars.

Whether you have a select collection of your favourite wines, or you are a seasoned connoisseur, you know how important it is to preserve the flavour and texture of your wines. Would a built-in, countertop or freestanding wine cooler work for you in your kitchen? Your decision! There certainly is a variety to choose from.

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