Your New Roof

Your New Roof

Your New Roof

How informed are you about the benefits of Feng Shui when considering designing your new home?

Whilst the ancient science of Feng Shui has become synonymous with the layout of a house and property, directionality, placement of the elements within the home – the science also includes the roof, which is just as important to the overall flow of energy or qi, and the sense of balance and harmony in all areas of life.

A well-designed roof will bring good luck and harmony to the family.

Not only is a rooftop functional as a provider of refuge from the elements, it should also create a sense of balance and symmetry with the rest of the house.

We are familiar with the up-curved, rounded Oriental pagoda-type rooftops with flowing lines. Curved shapes support the flow of energy around the house, with wealth being the result. Whether rooftops in the western world are designed with more angular lines, higher pitches, or combined with more rounded shapes, they do need to compliment the fa├žade of the house and enjoy symmetry as well.

The lines of the roof, the attractiveness of colour and good strong, resilient roofing materials all factor in to the equation of a well-balanced house, both from an aesthetic and architecturally functional standpoint.

The degree of slope and the number of rooftop surfaces is important to the flow of energy for the house and the homeowners. Feng Shui considers a flat roof inauspicious if the house is lower than four floors. Some modern flat roofs have been designed to face each other into the centre of the house where the water runoff will flow off from both sides. This is considered inauspicious. Flat rooftops are ultimately only best for commercial buildings.

Angular, hip (a roof that slopes on all four sides), or high symmetrical gable rooftops (which have two pitched sides, and the other two sides have a wall with a triangle at the top), are said by Feng Shui experts to bring good luck and deflect negative energy and strong winds. A roof that faces all four directions increases positive energy flow.

The best colours for a roof are found in Spanish tiles, which are ideal. Typically they range from diffused reds, terra cottas and other warm brown, or red-brown tones found in cedar shakes. Unless you are looking for a colour for a commercial business, Feng Shui experts say blue is a no-no for homes. Blue represents the water element; and a blue roof would interfere with the power of earning and keeping money.

Armed with the basics of Feng Shui principles, you might want to consult an expert if you are investing in a new home and would like to incorporate the best advice regarding the flow of energy in and around your home and property. Making deliberate and informed decisions in the design, layout, and style of roof, could ensure you and your family will enjoy a happy, healthy and prosperous stay in your new home for many years to come.

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