Choosing a Realtor®

Choosing a Realtor®

When it comes time to choosing a REALTOR® to work with, chances are you have not considered the complex nature of real estate and the working relationship you need to have when choosing a REALTOR®. Buyers and sellers are required to thoroughly understand the professional working relationship they need to have with a REALTOR®.

Here is what the REALTOR® will do for you the “Client:”

Give you undivided loyalty

Obey your lawful instructions

Oblige to keep your confidences

Exercise reasonable care and skill

Explain forms, terminology, costs and processes

Represent and negotiate on your behalf

Ensure prompt and efficient delivery of documentation and deposits

Besides these important concepts, it would seem there is a much deeper, almost unspoken recognition of the feeling of comfort and an inner knowing this is the right relationship, and the individual acting upon your behalf as a REALTOR® is a good fit for you and your family.


Ask yourself what your expectations are regarding your real estate needs and wants. Could they be reasonably met when you experience different scenarios that might present themselves relative to your current circumstances?

The Whole Truth – Trust, Openness and Honesty

Be honest with yourself and your spouse and family. Is everyone on board with the decision to make the move to buy and sell real estate and change the home environment? Is everyone willing to work through his or her resistances around moving? Can you and your family be open to working with and trusting the flow of the process?

Listening and understanding

Do you feel the REALTOR® would be open to listening to your needs and expectations? Are you open to listening to the informed and educated suggestions of your REALTOR®? Is there enough trust in the relationship to move forward with any action steps that need to be taken? Are you being understood and do you understand not only your REALTOR®’s professional real estate expertise but their perspective in recognizing that some situations require flexibility to reach a win-win scenario?

Clear Communication

Do you feel comfortable sharing your expectations, needs, thoughts and feelings in open, honest and clear communication with your intended REALTOR® without being overly emotionally attached to your communications? Do you know that the communication they are conveying to you is clear as well? Cordial, friendly, concise and meaningful communication will mean a lot to you and your family.


Obviously professionalism comes first and foremost in this relationship. We are talking here about probably “the most important and potentially rewarding financial transaction” you will be entering into with your REALTOR® of choice. All things considered – make sure you take the time to understand what the REALTOR® is offering you in terms of their well-rounded qualifications, knowledge, experience, and real estate expertise and requirements as laid out by the governing Real Estate Association.

Believe it or not, though, it is also good to know that you have a friend. And if that friend is your REALTOR®, that relationship can stand you in good stead with all the qualities and virtues that make up a good friendship: trust, truthfulness, understanding, a good, kind and compassionate listener, direct communication, openness and honesty. Considering the important nature of this relationship, chances are you are going to value the friendship you have with your REALTOR®. When your concerns are allayed, your sense of what is truthful and right will feel good to you, and a good understanding is translated into positive quantitative and qualitative action steps and results.

When all your expectations are being met, you will know, and you will be able to move forward with the greatest of confidence and ease in all your real estate experiences, dealings and transactions towards new and exciting changes for your family.

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