Prepare your Home to Sell

Prepare your Home to Sell

Prepare your Home to Sell


  • Make sure it smells fresh.
  • Clear and clean all countertops.
  • Vacuum all carpets.
  • Put away all toys, clothes.
  • Open up curtains; turn on lights.
  • Pre-pack items, which may clutter your home
  • Clean all glass and mirrors.


  • Clean off front porch.
  • Close your garage door.
  • Put away any toys, tools, bikes, garbage.
  • Mow the lawn, trim trees.
  • Check outdoor lights.
  • Clean patios or decks.
  • Touch up outdoor paintwork.
  • Fill any potholes in your driveway.
  • Tighten doorknobs and oil squeaking hinges.
  • Fences should be mended and painted
  • Replace missing shutters, gutters, and downspouts.


  • Clean oven and stove.
  • Replace broken appliances.
  • Clean all appliances inside and out.
  • Clean the refrigerator front of pictures and magnets.
  • Repair sliding doors, that won’t open or close properly.


  • Be sure that all clothes are hanging up.
  • Remove all posters, photographs. Low lighting and clutter make bedrooms look smaller than they are.


  • Sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower should look immaculate.
  • Replace shower curtain and bathroom rug.
  • Fix leaky faucets.


  • Clean the fireplace and remove smoke stains from the wall.
  • Replace carpet if it’s old.


  • If unfinished, make sure concrete floor is clean.
  • Clean water heater, change filters, and put strong light bulbs in fixtures.
  • If you have a pet with a litter box, ensure the litter box is clean


  • Ensure the garage door opener is working properly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Prepare your Home to Sell

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