Your Herbal Garden Pharmacy

Your Herbal Garden Pharmacy

Your Herbal Garden Pharmacy

There is nothing more pleasurable than walking out your kitchen door, or reaching up to your windowsill to prune a few leaves and stalks off the fragrant and vital herbs that you have so lovingly planted and nurtured.

Flourishing in the sunlight, your herbal garden is not only growing to enhance the dishes you create for your family – they can also be considered your home herbal pharmacy. Yes, knowledge of the power of herbs that grandma planted and used a generation ago is making a comeback into mainstream awareness.

Let’s have a look at a few of your most basic herbs and their qualities:

Thyme – For colds and flu, antiseptic, collagen production, burns, inflammation, coughs, digestive spasms and cramps.

Rosemary – For mental stimulation, digestion, allergies, nasal congestion, colds and flu, fungal infections, skin protection and food preservation.

Sage – Headaches, hot flashes, toothaches, sore muscles, stagnant digestion, memory, brain function, infections.

Parsley – For the kidneys as a cleansing tea, digestive issues, cystitis, vitamin C and B, neutralizes free radicals.

Oregano – Treats colds and flu, fungal infections, mouthwash, inflammation, wounds and burns.

Peppermint – Improves digestion, fevers, immune system boost, anxiety.

Holy Basil – For anxiety and stress, bacterial and fungal infections, colds and flu, pain, ulcers, immune system.

Lavender – Supports relaxed sleep, headaches, soothing for burns, bug bites, fungal infections, anxiety and tension.

Not only can you experience your homegrown herbs for their culinary excellence – appreciate the amazing healing benefits you and your family can enjoy.

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