Pet Smart

Pet Smart

Our pets are the loves of our lives. They are like our children. We care for them and they give us unconditional love no matter what.

According to FengShui – having pets – whether cats or dogs, fish or gerbils, is good energy. And when pets are thriving and happy – you have a happy and prosperous household. Having pets is a responsibility; and care, consideration and commitment need to go into their upkeep in your home. That has to be something that is agreed upon right at the get-go. Having unkempt pet areas and unhappy pets are considered inauspicious.

How do you get to be pet smart? Consider where to place your cat’s litter box or the dog’s bed; think about whether the gerbil’s cage is practical to have in your child’s room; or ask who is going to consistently and frequently clean the fish tank. Do you need removable, washable covers for the couches?

Would it be a wise investment to have a good quality air purifier to deal with hair dander, smells and attendant issues around having pets in the house?

Who is going to invest time in training your dog/s to be obedient and listen to commands – especially when family and friends visit? Having pets that rule households is also not a healthy emotional situation.

Pet stores have a variety of wonderful beds. Larger more expensive items like attractively built wood dog crates that look like end tables or wicker boxes might be found online. Choose one or several comfortable cloth beds that will co-ordinate well with your décor. Place them in rooms where your family spends the most time so your pets are happy to be wherever you are.

Pet beds are best placed in a safe spot – out of a heavily trafficked area and preferably in a corner or with the wall behind them so they have a good view of the room. It is important to discourage pets from jumping onto the sofa and sleeping on your beds. It sets up a precedent that creates a domination scenario with your pet. That’s vital to avoid if you want to maintain healthy relationships with family members.

For your cats, you could also plan to make or purchase units that house litter boxes and can be placed in more public areas like your bathroom if you don’t have a large enough laundry room. Unique furniture designs housing litter boxes might be more expensive, but the trade-off is that your home stays neat, clean and organized. Eco-friendly litter is also a must. Find a practical spot for your cat tower so it’s not in the way of playing children.

Remember to use natural cleaners around the dog’s bed, the litter box. When the weather is warm, you can periodically shake out the bed and let it breathe outdoors for a couple of hours while your house is being cleaned. If you need removable sofa covers, these can easily be washed and replaced so your furniture smells fresh, stays clean and ensures longer furniture life. For new puppies, a sour apple solution sprayed onto furniture legs will stop them from chewing. Always have their toys neatly stored away in their own special toy box. When you are out, a good way to soothe and calm pets is to have light and relaxing music playing. This way, you do not have to fret coming home to a possible disaster.

It pays to be pet smart. You get to enjoy the unconditional love of your pets that depend upon you for nurturing, security and attention. Finding the right balance so your house does not fall into disarray and stays in the flow of harmony and good energy takes time, consideration and careful attention.

Pet smart.

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