Poison Arrows – What to do?

Poison Arrows – What to do?

The concept of poison arrows is entirely relevant to your home both inside and out. What are poison arrows? Feng Shui specialists will tell you they are natural and manmade structures with sharp angles or points that create unhealthy situations – piercing obstructions that face the direction of your home and property from the outside; and positioned inside as well.

Poison arrows are a probable cause to a number of maladies in the home and family environment which might include ill health, a disruption in personal and work relationships, financial situations or life challenges – a general lack of auspicious energy. And these will primarily be as a result of exterior issues around and about a property. An indication that an area might be inauspicious and suffering poison arrows would be neighbourhoods where homes are not looked after, plant life evidently not thriving, and the locale economically challenged.

Typical outdoor examples of poison arrows, Orsha Chi as known in FengShui:

  • The front entrance of the home faces a roadway coming directly towards the house -either a “T” or “Y” junction
  • The house is positioned close to a freeway overpass
  • Cemeteries, hospitals or garbage dumps across or in the vicinity
  • Larger buildings or corners of buildings facing or overshadowing your home
  • Sharp rooflines of a neighbour’s house pointing at your home
  • Utility poles outside the property
  • Position of the house on the outside of a curved road

Outdoor remedies can include planting hedges, or building a wall to stop the flow of energy from a neighbour’s roofline or the incoming street; placing a tree or bush directly in line with the front entrance; using an alternative entrance to the house; using crystals to deflect or transform energy, bright lights or high spraying water fountains. You might be somewhat familiar with the use of Bagua mirrors and perhaps apply these to the outside of the front door. There is a chance you are unknowingly reflecting negativity back to neighbours – or preventing positive energy from flowing into your own home. Caution is advised here.

Indoor examples might include:

  • A staircase right in front of the entrance or front doorway to the house.
  • Columns and pillars in the middle of a room with squared-off edges
  • Beams, ceiling fans or ornate light fittings placed over the bed
  • Open bookcases and shelving
  • Sharp-angled walls
  • Kitchen counters with sharp edges
  • Furniture such as tables with squared corners

Indoor remedies might include moving furniture around, especially your bed, painting beams white, placing planters to cover a sharp corner on a column or pillar for example. A screen or tall plants might be helpful in front of the staircase. A canopy over your bed could block the effects of beams. Cover open bookcases or open kitchen cabinets or shelving with cloth curtains or glass doors.

The remedy for poison arrows includes elements and directions you may not be familiar with, which play a part in determining the best remedy you could utilize for your particular situation. If you are not sure – ask. The ancient art of FengShui is a science that works with the optimal flow of energy and the causes of disruption. It is wise to consult with a FengShui specialist to discover what remedies would work for the highest benefit of your household and others around you.

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