Feng Shui and Your Property

Feng Shui and Your Property

Nature as you may have noticed is all about curvilinear lines. Streams and rivers flow in beautiful curves as they meander or rush down towards the sea. It is a good thing to emulate nature and the natural order of life. Lines that curve represents the flow. The flow of energy is what we aspire to have in all aspects of our life. Why not bring the natural flow of life into our gardens.

This natural order can be worked with both in your home and garden. Create a plan for your property. Work with the size of your yard and position of your house on the property – your deck or entertainment area, driveway, and storage sheds. Which area and corner on your property are open; has full or part sun and shade; would support features that enhance the flow of good, grounded and balanced energy for your family, home and property?

Gone are the days of the straight lines, rectangular and boxy beds. Flowerbeds that flow around a house or property are very pleasing to the eye – becoming much easier, softer for the eye to follow, and creating a restful and relaxing feeling. Putting in a stone pathway along the flowerbed borders accentuates the flow of energy, inviting one to enjoy a relaxing and leisurely stroll amongst the flowers.

The practice of FengShui dedicates and strengthens certain directions of your garden and the five elements of nature. A rock garden in the northeast is good for contemplation – the energy of personal growth and represents the Earth element. Water is situated in the Southeast. Perhaps you can find a spot to place a water feature that will support the flow of abundance into your life.

The children’s play area can be positioned in the West for Creativity and Children. A metal sculpture or metal chimes can be placed in the West, Northwest and North area of your property. Group items in odd numbers – in ones or threes. The Fire element of Fame and Reputation; how you perceive others and how others perceive you; your identity and values is situated in the South. If you are planning a fire pit or pizza oven – the South is a good position.

Whilst Feng Shui is a complex science – working with the elements and directions will support the valuable energies for balance, good health, vitality, abundance and joy for you, your family and pets, and the overall health of your property.

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