Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Home Inspections

With the excitement of a home purchase, it is all too easy for new home buyers to hastily forgo the importance of  Home Inspections in order to ‘firm’ up the purchase, and perhaps in competition of a multi-offer situation.

Have you heard the expression “buyer beware?” Know it is the responsibility of the buyer to do their due diligence, and ensure the property they are purchasing is all it has been touted to be – there are no hidden surprises. Some results of the home inspection report might give buyers an opportunity to negotiate with sellers if a major issue comes up that perhaps both parties might not have been aware of.

Typically the Home Inspector will allay the fears of buyers by inspecting the structural elements like the framing, roof and attic, foundation and walls; and the systems  – the electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning and heating systems. The kitchen and bathrooms are also inspected for any potential or hidden issues.

The professional and expert opinion of the Home Inspector you choose to work with is valuable in assuring you the home you are purchasing is sound in construction and maintenance. A thorough explanation of all the working systems and elements of the home gives you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you need. Your questions could include knowing more about drainage and the sump pump, sewer systems, compliance of building codes, age of electrical wiring, age and capacity of the water heater, central air conditioning, insulation.

Other information you will want to glean from your REALTOR® might be regarding utility expenses, zoning, property boundaries, non-conforming legal suites, easements, proposed special assessments  – to name a few. This list is quite lengthy and involved but well worth the time and effort to ensure you fully understand that the house of your dreams is after all exactly what you are purchasing.


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