New Energy

New Energy

Spring is a time for renewal: a refreshing and exciting new energy towards life and inspiring new endeavors. Colour has a lot to do with lifting and changing our moods and healing energy. A colour support one to feel calm and relaxed, refreshed; or in the case of the colour red, instills a vibrant energetic get-up-and-go buzz.

New colour schemes and decorating trends pop up every spring. Whilst it is not feasible, easy or practical to change up wall colours or furnishings every year, it is fun and exciting to repaint and redecorate a tired room or two with vibrant splashes of colour and new furniture.

Find the most cost-effective way to enhance and inspire anunderstated elegant simplicity, mood and energy. Just for a change. Less is more – the adage or zen proverb is a truism pertinent to decorating trends.

The latest shade being touted for an interesting new look and energy is “radiant orchid.” Designersmostly talk about the clean, refreshing energy of the neutral base:any of the 179 white shades accented with hints of blue, green or even yellow;shades of sand, khaki, tan: or earthen tints of gray and beige to darker gray-brown for accent walls. There is so much more you can do to dress up your home inneutral, earthy, calming tones.

Which room could do with an accent wall of neutral patterned wallpaper?

Have fun playing with accessories and new window treatments in easy, unassuming shades of white, off-white, beige or stone; in natural fabrics like cotton, linen or sheers like muslin.

Softer matte finished gold or bronze light fixturesadd another dimension to the textures in your room. Circular industrial-type fixtures are popular.

Remember feng shui: balance the five elements for harmony – like earth in pot plants, stones or crystals; wood in furniture; glass or metal; water fountains or the colour blue, and a fire place and fire colours red, orange and yellow.

Colourfulbold accented pillows, throws, and patterned flat-weave killim rugs contrast neutral tones.

Wood furniture compliments muted, naturally soft and pastel walls and soft furnishings. Add a new vintage one-of-a-kind occasional piece of furniture to your room.Second hand furniture can be brought back to life with a new coat of paint. Timeless classic and traditionally rustic pieces show well and highlight the simplicity and uncluttered elegance of any room in your home.

Creativity is key. Do what suits your home, budget and unique taste. Your plans need not be costly and can be a collaborative project with the whole family. Have fun!

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