Numbers in Feng Shui

Numbers in Feng Shui

Numbers in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui you will often see reference made to the numbers of houses, and number of objects placed together. And you may wonder – what is the difference how many items I group together on this table, or how many paintings or pictures on this wall and in which direction? We know Feng Shui is an ancient science, and believe it or not – numerology plays a part, as well as direction, colour, the elements and symbology of objects and images.

The science or technology is complex, and the study takes sincere focus.

Some numbers are considered inauspicious and some auspicious – each carry their own unique signature and energy in how they work and are combined.

As novices we seek clarification and a little wisdom in the art and full implication of numbers in our birthdates, or home, apartment or street numbers for example, and on a sub-conscious level we may recognize the significance numbers exhibit. They are not, however, the only determining factors in bringing peace and harmony into our homes and lives; they work in tandem to creating that global sense of comfort and wellbeing.

For your information, odd numbers represent the masculine yang energy, referring to the celestial – sky and space; while even numbers are feminine yin energy and are terrestrial – the earth and grounding.  Nine is the total number of areas on the bagua grid used to superimpose guidance on the layout of your home, best placement of elements, colours and helpful objects.

The following is a meaningful overview of numbers presented by Feng Shui specialist Elaine Giftos Wright:

  1. New beginnings, independence, individuality, self-development, creativity and progress, being one with life.
  2. Duality, balance between yin and yang energies, attraction, polarities, good for couples, especially a marriage of opposites.
  3. Refers to body, mind and soul; the Trinity; communication, expression, optimism, fun, creative, and expansive energy.
  4. Security, building foundation, the four directions, discipline, productivity, organization, work and service.
  5. Freedom, passion, change, curiosity, fun and excitement, adventure and impulsiveness
  6.  Home, love, children, beauty, generosity, the arts, nurturing and caring.
  7. Inner life, the 7 chakras, mysticism, religion, spirituality, rituals and ceremony, contemplation, solitude, meditation.
  8. Physical power, material prosperity, leadership, abundance.
  9. Completion, selflessness, humanitarianism, wisdom and compassion.

Consciousness and intention plays a role in how we can shift our lives to be more abundant, peaceful, harmonious and tranquil in the arenas of love, health, relationships, work, creativity and prosperity. It takes research, perhaps support from the experts, and also tapping in to your intuition and sense of what energy feels right for you.

Simply speaking…

The greater a beneficial number is repeated in and around your home and property in combination with the other elements, the more auspicious it’s considered to be for the wellbeing of all. Ask yourself what you need and hope to achieve in your life right now.

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