Urban Agri-Culture Garden

Urban Agri-Culture Garden

Urban Agri-Culture Garden

The buzz words ‘urban’ and ‘agriculture’ around green and sustainable are fast evolving as the new and trendy ‘culture’ of the day. More and more people are interested in flowering ‘herbs and vegetables’ in their gardens and kitchens than flowers.

The benefits: home gardens give new meaning to the expression “locally grown”. Growing herbs in the kitchen can be easy, fun and a delight when reaching out to trim herbs for your salad or soups. You don’t have too far to go to appreciate taste and freshness right off the vine so to speak; reducing sky rocketing costs of vegetables. Children appreciate and thrill over planting and harvesting the rewards of delicious home grown gardens. Of greater importance, children getting their hands dirty in the soil not only reap the benefits of this practice but are no longer disconnected from understanding the source of food. Imagine having your favourite herbs year round!

Where to start?

First, decide on what light filled space you have to designate, and what kind of system you would like to use. There are a number of creative companies online advertising their products; designing structures and kits with your convenience, space and intent in mind.

Do your research and decide what suits you and your home: either stand alone vertical gardens or kits for window farms. Some of these vertical structures require low energy electricity to pump water in a drip technique to feed plant roots in each of the pockets. Either plants are grown traditionally in potting soil or hydroponically, meaning the plants grow in enriched water; rotated to maximize on both natural and artificial light.  In thinking about your requirements, you might consider researching what model would be best for you.

A company out of Vancouver has designed a simply good looking, yet highly effective and practical, self-watering, herb kitchen garden kit; specially designed containers that allow water to be held in an internal reservoir below, so roots can draw water when needed. No need to fuss or worry about forgetting to water. This uptake of water eliminates the potential for mould and mildew. Everything you require is included in the kit; assembly and maintenance designed for your comfort level and to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

All plants require good drainage, sunshine and some tender loving care. Imagine what you would like to grow. Typically herbs like parsley, cilantro, thyme, basil, dill, mint and rosemary are amongst the most popular. To create your new start-up herb garden you can purchase seedlings. Online companies ship product provided you order by a certain date. Home stores stock seeds and seedlings in the spring.

Thinking of sprouting seeds? Sprouts are packed with life force and easily digestible for good health. Sprouts such as alfalfa, broccoli, mung, radish are quick and easy to grow and cost effective.

Indoor window herb and vegetable gardens demonstrate their worth. Spring is on the way. What’s on your “Urban Agri-Culture Garden’ list this year?

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