Cleaning Your Oven Yourself

Cleaning Your Oven Yourself

Most ovens today have the built-in self-clean function. Set your oven on to self-clean and you are free to get on with other errands or chores.

But wait: have you considered that apart from the convenience of self-cleaning ovens, not only a tremendous amount of energy is expended but the by-product gases are toxic? Good ventilation is important while cleaning so fumes can escape and not circulate through the house.

Oven cleaners –are also highly caustic and corrosive. Made from the chemical sodium hydroxide otherwise known as “lye,” and whilst effective, they need to be used with caution potentially causing irritation to delicate membranes of the body and skin. Good ventilation and protective gloves and clothing are recommended. Reconsider using these cleaners, which are not safe in your home especially with children and pets.

The natural ways were inexpensive and safe. Firstly to avoid spills use foil or place a large baking sheet under your roaster. Simple and non-toxic cleaners are baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.

Natural dish soap cleaners and an effective scrub work well with grease. Spray oven walls and floor with water and sprinkle a good layering of baking soda and leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. For harder to get out stains use white vinegar over the freshly sprinkled baking soda. A lemon and baking soda paste will clean the oven glass. Take some time, scrub a little and be assured your family is much safer for it.

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