Sculptured Clay Walls

Sculptured Clay Walls

While the weather is still warm and dry and the children are just winding down their summer holidays, you might want to re-plaster one of your walls or take up clay sculpturing, clay carvings and murals for your outside patio wall.

One of the benefits to come out of the straw and bale cob houses are the natural earthen plasters. Originally developed in New Mexico and Arizona with the growth in popularity of cob clay and straw bale homes. They have been around for thousands of years in traditional mixes and tend to look better and become harder with time.

Sustainable clay plasters are now available for purchase online. The lime-based clay plasters are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are the ultimate replacement for paint as they can be tinted with the same colourants used to colour latex paint. They have no off-gassing components and are hypo-allergenic.

 These plasters are perfect for either new construction or for renovations as they will stick to other surfaces. One great attribute is that they filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and odours. They are known to be mould resistant with the ability to absorb moisture. They can be painted over and colours do not fade.  YouTube videos and other tutorials are available to learn how to apply the plasters.

If you are not anticipating redoing an entire wall and would love to experiment with the decorative techniques used with earthen plasters, techniques can be learned to create something unique and special.

Experts Bill and Athena Steen from the States have perfected their decorative plasterwork by plastering several layers of clays that consist of different pigments.

They use Japanese trowels of different sizes and flexibilities to cut and remove layers, ultimately to reveal the different colours underneath.

If you are interested in learning the art; the different techniques, sculptural designs, mouldings and carved plasters, colours and textures, natural wall finishes of beautiful clay and lime plasters, your walls will be sure to become a talking point amongst your friends.

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