Creating Your Bird Bath

By Real Home Advice Magazine October 9, 2014
Creating Your Bird Bath

It’s such a thrill and joy to see your garden birds enjoying a splash drinking and preening their feathers in a bird bath. You don’t have one? They are really simple to make, and you can get your family creatively involved.

Although the sound of running or sprayed water will attract birds, a simple bird bath in the form of a dish seated on top of a pedestal, or a shallow dish placed on the ground, low hanging off the deck or slightly elevated sitting on top of a stump or rock, are the most convenient and common ways to keep your feathered friends happy. Partial shade particularly close to trees is best for location. Get your children involved to sort through the garage, garden shed or garden for material or containers that could be used as a shallow dish. Perhaps a flat rock indented in the centre and large enough to support a shallow pool of water will be a natural choice.

Water should be no deeper than 2 to 3 inches deep.

It is also advisable to place some rocks in the bath just for the ease of birds dipping, drying and preening themselves. The slightly rougher surface of rocks also allows for easier grip and safer traction for the birds.

Birdbaths need to have the water changed and refreshed everyday in order to eliminate the possibility of bacteria buildup. If you have a mister attached to your birdbath then the water can be refreshed every other day. It is also important that water is not treated with any chemicals.

You will be amazed at how many other bird varieties will be attracted to your garden to enjoy and delight in the pleasurable interlude of a cool sip, and a refreshing splash of water as they go on in the heat of the day.

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