Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

How would you like to decorate your home or one specific room, even just the living room feature wall from the comfort of your home?

One option interior designers and their companies are offering is taking their profession and professional services to a whole new level with affordable online or e-design services. You have the choice of the A to Z of home decorating and planning from basement to wine cellar; colour consulting, universal design and space planning.

Designers put their best skills forward in creating inspiring spaces for you that are fresh, elegant, tasteful, functional and pertinent to your lifestyle. Choose your style – modern, boho-chic or contemporary, and get connected to the designer who will best fill your needs and taste.

Customers start by initially filling out questionnaires and sending photographs and dimensions of their rooms or home. Designers will confirm exactly what you are looking for, offer concept design, and provide you with a cost for the project. They might offer you various packages to choose from based on your needs and your budget.

You are then provided with detailed 3d drawings and renderings, where inspiration or mood boards that pull together all the plans, finish furnishings and material selections, custom tiles, cabinetry, accessories, artwork, colours and styles. The shopping list is the exciting part, as you can go out and have fun pulling all the suggestions together.

Programs are designed to narrow down exactly what you have in mind with your project, whether it’s built and design a new construction or home edition; redesign and remodel your existing home or add additional features to your home. If it’s a build you are looking for, your local design company will project manage budget, construction, materials and finishes for you.

Decorate or redecorate any room in your home; accessorize a wall in your living or dining rooms; find the perfect furniture for your children’s bedroom; design new finishes for your kitchen and bathrooms. Have fun interacting and collaborating with your designer with the renderings and inspiring, design concepts that are suggested.

The purpose of the online e-design service is to provide affordable, convenient, professional and easy-to-work-with design options that inspire and support you to make creative affordable changes and upgrades to your home décor and lifestyle.

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