A City Nestled in Beautiful Wine Country

With all the charm of the British Columbian terrain, Kelowna has a lot going for it. Situated to the south of the province on the eastern shores of the Okanagan Lake and in the stunning Okanagan Valley, a beautiful blend of both urban and rural life awaits any inspired visitor and adventurer.

Kelowna was incorporated in 1905, although it is documented that the area was peopled with migrating communities around 9,000 years ago. A French Roman Catholic missionary was the first to arrive in the area in 1859.

With a population of 142,146 residents living mostly within the city boundaries, there is much extension to the urban life around the city. As the third largest community in the province, Kelowna is the product of a great population expansion that took place in the 80’s.  Kelowna boasts around 22 suburbs including the city centre; Midtown, and neighbourhoods extensively developed to become more densely populated including Dilworth Mountain, which was originally considered isolated for its wilderness. A number of these areas boast the development of high-end neighbourhood communities. 

Summers are typically hot, dry and sunny, giving Kelowna the advantage of a variety of landmarks to visit – just to name a few: Crawford Falls, Mission Creek Falls, Knox Mountain, Bellevue Canyon, Layer Cake Hill, Mission Creek, as well as Maude-Roxby Wetlands, and of course Lake Okanagan. The geography of the Kelowna region affords many gorgeous views of the lake, mountains and of the city itself.

Armed with an adventurous spirit, you and your family can spend the summer here in this region and never tire of the events, activities, gorgeous locations and views to enthrall all the family. Take advantage of the guided wine tours to visit numerous vineyards of the 30 or so award-winning wineries of international acclaim. The Okanagan’s vineyards are a good comparison to the Californian wine region.

How else can you entertain yourselves? Activities extend from biking tours, scenic driving tours, ballooning, golf, beaches, experiencing the Kettle valley railway at the Myra Canyon Trestles and Adventure Park, and where you can hike or bike the trestles. Kelowna boasts an outdoor stadium, facilities for camping, and RV Parks. There are numerous attractions for children, like the Kangaroo Creek Farm, and Arlo’s Honey Farm to learn about the art of beekeeping to name a few fun and educational locations. Energy plex is an indoor family entertainment centre. And by the way, if you decided you would like to make Kelowna your home – alpine and ski resorts are available in the winter as well. 

This summer visit Tourism Kelowna for more information regarding the numerous events ranging from art shows, concerts, sports events and other organized activities posted for the summer months of July and August into September.  Make the most of this summer in a region of British Columbia that is sure to please and enthrall you and your family.

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