Prince George

Prince George

“City With the Forest”

There is nothing more intriguing than an enticing city name to create some interest and curiosity to explore the locale. That would be the City of Prince George. A capital presence in northern British Columbia, the population in this “City in Nature” hovers around 86,622 citizens. 

Named after King George III, the City of Prince George was the original homeland of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation. The name derives from the people of the geographic location of Prince George at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers. Today, the Lheidli T’enneh traditional lands cover over 4 million hectares of land. The economic opportunities that connect the communities in this region create viable, sustainable and amenable expansion for all residents and neighbourhoods.  The history and development of Prince George is based originally around the fur trade, which was established in the 19th century. Today, the geographic situation of Prince George makes it an important location and economic contributor, not only to the local region but also to northern British Columbia as a whole.

Nature and urban life find their middle ground in Prince George. Surrounded by forests and extensive nature, Prince George includes natural habitats, wetlands, and grasslands with important ecosystems and wildlife.

The City boasts 75 km of walking trails and over 1500 hectares of parks and open green space. A proposal to expand the walking trails by an additional 131 km is underway through the City. Hiking trails, parks, picnic and sport areas are inviting facilities maintained for the health and vibrancy of the community in the natural and lovely environment of the two rivers.

Other activities in the Prince George region include horseback riding, cycling, dog walking and skiing in the winter climate. Trails include the Cottonwood Island Park Trail, Cranbrook Hil Greeways, Purden Lake Provincial Park, Heritage River Trail, the Crooked River Provincial Park, Goodsir Nature Park, the Hudsons Bay Slough, the LC Gunn Trail and wheelchair accessible Great West Life Mobility Nature Trail to name a few.

Art and creativity is encouraged by the City’s guiding principles of excellence; stating that the arts are integral to “all aspects of community life,” and summing up the dedication of the City to supporting the community’s creative endeavours. Professional organizations are an important and fundamental avenue for the development of the City of Prince George. Various programs and activities are housed in places such as the Playhouse, Studio 2880, Two Rivers Gallery, Barkerville Historic Town and the Railway and Forestry Museum.

Prince George is accessible both by air via the national airlines, by rail connecting Prince Rupert and Jasper to Prince George; bus lines servicing the region, as well as local commuter airlines.

If you are looking to experience somewhere different and surprising, the City of Prince George touts this region for its “urban sophistication and spectacular wilderness”. Visit for more information and to plan your vacation this summer.

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