It’s no surprise that technical schools are evolving and trades
workers continue to be vital to our communities and our cities.“You
would find it very difficult to identify an area of our daily lives
that has not been touched by a tradesperson,” says NAIT Dean,
Malcom Haines. “They are responsible for physical structures
like residential housing, to office towers. Trades keep the world
of transportation on the move. And they even cook our food!”
The Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT), located
in Edmonton, is a leading Canadian polytechnic, delivering
education in science, technology, business, health, and trades.

NAIT’s programs see thousands of students annually with Alberta
representing 32% of the total apprentice population in the country.
This year at the 2020 Edmonton Renovation Show, apprentices
from NAIT are showing-off their talent in a live skills competition
to earn a spot at Skills Canada National Competition. Nailed It! will
have two student demonstrations: one showcasing apprentices in
Cabinetmaking and the second in Carpentry. NAIT instructors will
also be on hand to provide rationale and answer any questions
from show-goers. “It will be a great experience for both students
and attendees,” says Haines. The skills from students are not to
be taken lightly either: “The Skills Canada National Competition
is essentially the Olympics of trades,” says Haines. “We have
individuals competing at the provincial level who progress to the
national level and even international thereafter at WorldSkills. The
competition is intense, the caliber of skill is remarkable and the
students deserve all the recognition.”

In the past few years, there has no doubt been shift and growth
in the trades area. Due to technological advancements and an
aging workforce in the trades industry, the need for new students.

in technical programs continues to grow. “There has been an
evolution in technical schools over the past 10 years. With older
trades workers retiring, coupled with constant advancement in
technology, there’s definitely a void to be filled,” says Haines.
“Trades were often seen as the only option for individuals
struggling with core school subjects such as Math and Science
but it has evolved and a higher level of skill is required.”

NAIT is proud to provide programs such as Carpentry and
Cabinetmaking that provide tactile training and great rewards.
“This line of work can now be considered as a rewarding
career path for individuals who excel in core subjects, want to
build tangible products and solve problems but don’t want to
be bound by an office environment. They can stand back and
say “I built that with my own two hands” and enjoy a financially
rewarding career at the same time.” Haines also knows that after
graduating, many of the trades graduates become self employed
and employ other trades people– contributing to the economy
in many ways. “Graduates are creating businesses of their own
and becoming entrepreneurs. Our programs provides them with
the fundamental skills to practice their trade which enables them
to explore business ventures,” says Haines. “We are happy to
support them in any way we can.”

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