The Latest in Refrigerators

The Latest in Refrigerators

The Latest in Refrigerators

Traditionally refrigerators have evolved over the decades to becoming far more sophisticated in their capacity to save you space; offer you the ability to be far more organized with packing your containers and packaged foodstuffs; as well as to be far more energy efficient.

Today refrigerator manufacturers offer a number of different configurations for fridges; orientation of doors – swing doors or pullout drawers, number of doors, and placement of the freezer. It’s your choice. You can decide on what works for you in your kitchen space, and for your busy family’s needs and requirements.

Fridges are offered in different sizes ranging from 20.5 cu.ft, through to 24.7cu.ft., and up to the large capacity fridges at 27.5 cu.ft. and 32.5 cu.ft.

The French model seems to be one of the most popular configurations, and comes in either 3 or 4 doors; or you might prefer the side-by-side fridge; bottom or top freezer fridges give you options as well.

The sophistication of refrigerator technology now includes innovative features like the smart cooling system; the ultra compact slim Spaceplus ice system, which improves on usage of space; eye-level convenience; cantilevered shelves for maximum allowance of awkward shaped containers.  Adjustable shelving, drawers and baskets are a must for more organized stocking of shelves. And then there are digital controls to monitor the temperature and keep food cool, as well as maintain humidity levels.

Ice and water dispensers are designed tall for the easy convenient fit of jugs and pitchers. Shelving systems are designed with flexible gallon door bins that slide either horizontally or vertically. Bio-shield door seals contain an agent that prevents the growth of bacteria and mould, which helps food stay fresher for much longer. The all-important feature of reducing operating noise is also considered a bonus.

So where will refrigeration go to in the future? One major fridge manufacturer has discovered the concept of magnet-based refrigeration that is 20 – 30% more efficient than current fridge technology. The predictions are that magnet-based technology for refrigeration will be ready within the next 100 years. Some cool news to look forward to!

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