Feng Shui and Mirrors

By Real Home Advice Magazine June 24, 2019
Feng Shui and Mirrors

In the Western world, mirrors have graduated from being placed for functional purposes in bathrooms and inside cupboard doors to being displayed in any room of the house as a wall feature and adornment in formal dining and living rooms, and particularly entrance halls – grand and otherwise.

The truth is, according to the ancient Eastern tradition of Feng Shui, mirrors have held specific purposes for the sake of either drawing or reflecting energy. Even the shape of mirrors – whether concave or convex will have differing intentional purposes. Concave and convex mirrors such as with the bagua mirror, are significantly used for the outside of the home, and provide watchful, protective qualities for the house – various ways of transforming negative outside energies.  Regular, oval, round or square mirrors are known as typical mirrors, and depending on their framing will carry their own significance. A gold-leaf frame for example, works well in the money area of your home as it works to attract abundance and prosperity.

The areas best known in Feng Shui for the placement of mirrors are in the East for health and family; in the Southeast for wealth and abundance, and in the North for career and path in life. Feng Shui says the fame and reputation area of the South is not a desirable position or area to place a mirror.

Perhaps you are considering some changes for your home and life, and would like to know more about how to proceed. Consult a Feng Shui specialist in your area for the best options, strategies, and the how-to in optimization of mirror placement.

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