Rodents Prevention, the Best Cure-all

By Real Home Advice Magazine April 12, 2018
Rodents Prevention, the Best Cure-all

Come the fall season rodents go looking for warm, dry homes. Walk the outer perimeter of your home and check whether overgrowth of plants impedes your ability to detect possible entry points for rodents. If so – prune plants back. It might be necessary to create a stone walkway between your house and flowerbeds for easy access.

Check your crawl space, attic and insulation to see if anything has been disturbed. Seal any and all possible points of entry. Inside: wash dishes well. Clear away all food residues in the sinks.

Wipe down counter spaces at night. Place food packages and tightly sealed containers away for storage in the fridge or cupboards. Prevention is cheaper and healthier than the cure.

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