The Clean Gutter

The Clean Gutter

The Clean Gutter

Typically Cleaning Gutters is a Pre-Autumn Chore

However, it pays to get this job done at least twice a year – and coming into a late spring – now would be a good time. Who knows what debris might still be lodged in the gutters and downspouts.

Experts list four ways to clean your gutters:

  • Manually from the top of a ladder
  • From the ground with any type of tool or instrument that can push the debris along and then over the edge
  • You can use a hose to flush the gutters with water
  • Shop vacs have been used to suck up or push leaves out of gutters.


Ladders tend to be the most efficient way to see what’s going on in your gutters, however, they can be dangerous for the height at which you are working, as well as their instability while you have to reach over to get to further parts of the gutter.


Lets consider the use of water – a valuable clean resource that should perhaps be saved for drinking only; too much of which if not left to dry out properly can cause rot or mould in the woodwork.

Tools or Kits

A number of other tools have made their way onto the market – either online or in your favourite hardware store.

Kits might include a scoop, broom, dustbin and grabber. They will still require getting up onto a ladder even though they can reach up to 14 feet across for lengthier access to your gutters.

One gutter kit has lightweight paddles or tongs attached with a cord for mechanical maneuvering. The tongs manually oscillate for hard-to-reach places, as well as to pick up small needles and seeds. All you need is an extended pole to operate the paddles; work from the comfort of the ground and reach as high as 2 stories of your home. Place a plastic sheet on the ground to catch the falling debris.

Another kit offered has a 120 degree elbow, concentrator nozzle and extension wands. Plug into your vac and blow out the leaves while standing from the ground. Other gutter-cleaning blowers have attachments to electric leaf blowers. Air blowers can be used to open up clogged downspouts when also attached to your standard leaf blower. One disadvantage might be that clogged leaves are blown upwards -sending debris into the air. Wear protection!

How About a Robot?

If you are a lover of remote control gadgets, you might love the gutter-cleaning robot that moves back and forth along your gutter with the propeller type augur. It fits precisely and removes all the crud, both wet and dry. Whilst this system is pricy – the convenience, durability and reliability might appeal to you.

The next time you are in the hardware store or online, check which system works well for you considering time, money and the health of your back!

The Clean Gutter

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