The Pleasant Relaxing Sound of Wind Chimes

By Real Home Advice Magazine October 9, 2014
The Pleasant Relaxing Sound of Wind Chimes

All it takes is a slight breeze to get your wind chimes gently tapping each other to create pleasant and relaxing musical notes at your front door, in your garden or on your deck or patio. It’s a comforting sound whether your chimes are specially tuned hollow metal or bamboo tubes.

Wind chimes have been used for centuries. In the ancient Eastern tradition, they have been specifically placed to balance the flow of energy around the home and property, which is typically affected by a number of factors. The sound of the chimes is used to dispel negative energy as well as to enhance other beneficial energies for home and occupants. When there is a constant flow of beneficial energy around the home – this harmonious energy attracts happiness, health and prosperity.

Feng Shui is a science that balances certain areas with the elements. The placement of wind chimes is considered for specific applications and desired effects. The number of rods also have their own significance: five tubes for example represents the earth element – attracting energy and prosperity from the five directions – also best used to transform negative energy; and six to eight tubes used to attract good luck. Metal chimes are specifically used for the west, northwest and north, although good for all directions. Bamboo chimes are best for the east, southeast and south directions of your home and property. Earthenware bells are placed in the designated earth or wood Feng Shui areas – in the centre, southwest, east, northeast and southeast.

Depending upon your desired effect – some basic tips on where to hang your chimes include hanging chimes near the entrance to your home to invite prosperity; the furthest back left corner of your home or property viewed from the street is the main location for wealth; facing from the entrance to your main living area in the left corner of the room; the top end of the upper stairway wealth is prevented from flying down the stairs and out the main door; the bathroom is considered a good location as wealth and your good desires are prevented from flowing down the drain. Chimes placed above your bed, where you work, sit or eat will suppress your energy – not advisable.

Every home and its configuration is different, and it is wise to connect with a Feng Shui expert for a consultation to maximize on the choices you have to enhance and balance the energy of your home and property for harmony, health, happiness and prosperity.

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