An Organized System

By Real Home Advice Magazine December 6, 2016
An Organized System

Children seem to grow like weeds in the summer right? The growth from all that wonderful fresh air, sunshine, activity and energy is telltale in their clothing sizes. Now that they are happily back to the routine of school, you might want to organize clothes and closets. Young adults especially need a system if you are to avoid heaps and piles of crumpled clothes dumped on the floor.

Whether your closets are walk-in or reach-in, you can put together a closet kit and system available from your favourite hardware store. Kits range from stand-alone towers, starter tower kits with shelving, and shelf track adjustable systems; and any number of hanging rods, to pricier deluxe 16” depth systems. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you could have fun with your children creating the configurations that suit their needs. If need be a handyman can put it together for you.

Other ideas for easy construction include freestanding five-shelf steel wire storage units flanked with two hanging rods; or modular garment racks with four shelves.

You might call in the professionals to design and customize your closets to suit your children, or young adult’s needs. Consider adjustable shelves, the various heights for hanging rods, baskets, shoe shelves, belt racks, accessory baskets, shelving, and chrome wire baskets

Have a look through their closets and weed out clothing that is too small and will become hand-me-downs or grace the donation pile.

If your children are sharing a bedroom you could colour code the hangers for easy identification. Train your chlldren and young adults as soon as the closet systems are up, to rehang their clothes and keep their room or their walk-in closet tidy and organized. An organized closet leads to an organized bedroom, which ultimately creates organized and happier minds.


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