Backsplash Trends

Backsplash Trends

True your backsplash might have the least amount of area as the rest of your kitchen; however, it could have the most eye-catching impact and appeal with your décor. Your backsplash is also the easiest part of your kitchen to redesign if you are thinking of changing things up just a little.

Whilst your backsplash has served a functional purpose in protecting your walls from grease splashes and steam stresses, the variety of materials and designs now available in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, marble, glass mosaic, wood, metal, and Venetian plaster, will enhance your countertop and create a focal point in your kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash trends designed around the Shaker style this year, lend themselves to the warmth and texture of a wood tile, or the warm colours of a mosaic tile. Vertical lines give the impression of height especially combined with the lines of existing cabinets.

Designers mention that white and even neutral colours are phasing out. Trends are flowing towards rich Middle Eastern colours of the ancient markets and exotic elegant patterns reminiscent of days gone by.

Kitchen cupboards are also going through a revolution – reducing the number of cupboards above the countertop to create more open space – more area for your backsplash. Remaining cupboards are being opened up so the backsplash can come up with the wall behind the opened cabinets to finish the look.

The new mix and match of classic with contemporary elements are known as the “transitional style.” Elements like wood mixed metallic with any of the latest colours – transitional design. The texture is big! Mixing and blending of patterns, textures, surfaces and designs lend much interest and creativity.

Blend a mosaic backsplash with neutral or spiced with rich coloured repetitive patterned wall tiles. Of course, black is the “always elegant” colour.

The tone though is more muted – matte – aged – and combined with natural textured tumbled stone to soften the overall look and feel of the black focus.

Take a trip to your local tile and flooring store if you are considering making a small investment to spice up your kitchen with a new backsplash using creativity in mixing and matching colour, trim, pattern, texture. The new concept will be worth your time in updating your kitchen for an exciting fresh look and appeal.

Backsplash Trends.

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